The use of photographic images of children

Photographs and occasionally videos of the club's athletes may be published in various ways: on this website or other websites such as Google's Picasa, in our newsletter, in the local press, or elsewhere. We believe that this is important not only in promoting the club's activities to a wider audience, but it also provides a source of pleasure and pride for all those who are pictured.

However, the club recognises that we live in an age in which technology has vastly increased the use and potential misuse of photographs. There is a risk that children who are identified in a press photograph or a video of an athletics meeting may become targets for abuse.

The club takes these concerns seriously. The club has therefore adopted policies and practices that follow those recommended by the former Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), now the Department for Education, in relation to photographs and video images of school children, and those adopted by local schools such as Oxted School.

DCSF advice, in response to the question "Should full names and photographs of children be used for a school's own publicity purposes?", was: "We recommend that if the photograph is used, avoid naming the pupil; if the pupil is named, avoid using their photograph."

Oxted School, which took advice from Surrey police, Surrey county council and other organisations, concluded that the risk of a child being identified by a stranger is so small that, provided reasonable steps were taken to limit publication of their names and addresses, photography of children at the school should continue subject to certain procedures.

We have also considered our policies in relation to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the guidelines of the Information Commissioner. We believe our policies and practices do comply with the terms of the Act.

The club's policies set out below are based on the above guidelines, policies and practices.

Club policies

(1) We will not publish junior athletes' full names alongside their photographs in the club's own printed publications, in video clips or on the website. However, junior athletes' first names may be used, and their full names may be given in group situations where they cannot be linked to individuals in the photograph.

(2) In certain cases, e.g. a winning athlete, we may wish to publish a photograph along with the full name of the junior athlete concerned; in such cases, we will obtain specific permission from the parent or legal guardian to do so.

(3) With regard to the press, we will allow local newspapers to take photographs of a junior athlete when appropriate, unless their parent or legal guardian has told the club that they do not consent to this. Some newspapers insist that children's names must be published with their photographs; if not, they may decline to cover the event. In such circumstances, the club may give the children's full names (but not their addresses) to newspapers. Parents or legal guardians who object to this policy should inform the Club, in which case we will not allow the child concerned to be photographed by the press.

(4) All photographs and videos taken of children will be retained in electronic format for possible further use by the club in its publicity activities. However, these images will be securely stored by the webmaster (Martin Berry) and will only be used by those authorised to do so by the club, and in accordance with club policy.

(5) Parents or legal guardians agree to these policies when they sign the membership forms that enroll their children as members of Holland Sports AC.