In the Surrey League Juniors' race on Saturday on Farthing Downs in the U13, U15 and U17 combined race Archie Walters led the U13 team home to 4th place in a fine 63rd position (13th U13 Boy). Archie was ably backed up by Miles Brown 70th in 18m 15, Nick Jones 79th in 19.00, Sam Street 93rd in 19m 59, Thomas Erskine 100th in 20m 31, Noah Laird 104th in 20m 21, Alasdair Evans 106th in 22m 35, Calum Hills 107th in 22m 32, Sam Heath 108th in 22m 42 and Ben Lane 109th in 22m 43. Dillon Quirici U15 was 30th overall in 16m 51.

On the same day in the Surrey League Div 2 Senior Women's Race over 5 miles on Wimbledon Common in a field of 249 runners, Maggie Berry was 86th and 1st Vet 60 in 43m 36. Sarah Heal on her debut did well to finish 103rd in 44m 22 ably backed up by Grace Smith 124th in 45m 30. In the U13 race both our girls ran well. Poppy Wells 28th in 11m 54 and Phoebe Musgrove 54th in 13m 31.


In the Surrey Cross Country Championships on a bitterly cold windy day at Denbies Vineyard, Dorking, the stand out performance for Holland Sports was Harry Lawson finishing 4th in the U20 race, just 3 seconds outside a medal in 22m 17. This was Harry's best run of the season and has resulted in him being selected for Surrey in the Inter Counties Race on 10th March.

In the U13 Girls Millie Henson led the Holland Sports team home in a fine 24th place in 12m 36. Poppy Wells, birthday girl, despite having been unwell over Xmas did well to finish 48th in 13m 28. Eloise Ashmore with 2 years left in this age group was a superb 53rd in 13m 41. Issy Ford was the 4th scorer in 87th in 15m 31. The team finished 7th. Other performances were Charlotte Hosp 89th in 16.00 and Lotte McLennan on her debut 91st in 16.15.

In the U13 Boys Harry Young had a great race finishing 34th in 11m 46, followed by Sam Street 49th in 12m 05, Noah Laird 51st in 12m 06 and Ben Carpenter 71st in 12m 32 who was the final scorer. The team finished 12th. Other performances were Nick Jones 86th in 13m 01 and Callum Hills 101st in 14m 30.

In the U15 Boys Dillon Quirici had a return to form with 49th in 16m 30 and Euan Ashmore was 70th in 20m 06.

In the U17 race on his debut for Holland Sports Louis McLeod finished an excellent 34th in 24m 24 with Henry ("Harry") Fisher 38th in 24m 48.


At the Holly Run at Reigate Priory Park on Sunday Holland Sports AC's athletes did well against top class opposition. In the U11s Holland had a clean sweep of the medals therefore winning the team competition. Joseph Hunt won in 6m 34, Jacob Hunt came 2nd in 6m 37 and Oscar Prebble moved through in the later stages for an amazing 3rd place to finish in 6m 45. Lewis Jessup had another strong performance 8th in 7m 05, followed by Joe Waldon 19th in 7m 23, Jamie Walters 27th in 7m 39, Arthur Peachey 32nd in 7m 50 and Oliver Marro 69th in 8m 57.

Other medal winners were Miles Brown who seized 2nd place in the last 100 metres of the U13 race in 11m 16 and the team of Miles, Archie Walters 8th in 12m 03 and Harry Young 13th in 12m 27 winning the silver team medals. Ben Carpenter was 20th in 13m 04 and Callum Hills 29th in 14m 06.

In the U11 Girls Eloise Ashmore ran well to finish 7th in 7m 26. Our Year 4 girls giving away two years ran amazingly with Ellie Street a brilliant 19th in 8m 25 and Elise Tagg 39th in 9m 42. Honey Chalmers was 37th in 9m 27. Issy Day in her first race for Holland did well to finish 10m 05 with sister Evie 65th in 11 mins. In the U13 Girls Millie Henson finished 15th in 13m 08 with Charlotte Hosp 34th in 15m 57.


In the Surrey Men's League Cross-Country fixture at Roundshaw Downs on Saturday 2nd December Holland Sports just managed to field a team of 10 after a few dropouts through injury.

Leading the team home with his best run of the season was Harry Lawson in 6th place in Div 4 (11th if included Div 3 runners) in a time of 27m 17. Steve Bishop was 9th (24th) in 27m 57, followed by Neil Danby 10th (28th) in 28m 20. Sean McCabery had a fine run in 12th (46) in 28m 58, followed by Alasdair Kyte 19th (64) in 29m 43, with a welcome return of Jeremy Carter 23rd (76) in 30m 21, followed by Andy Irons 67th (173) in 33m 33, Pete Gibson 85th (219) in 36m 18, John Holmes 100th (239) in 37m 24 and last but not least Richard Timmis 116th (252) in 40m 59.

The team finished in an excellent 4th position and are 3rd overall in the league.


In the 2nd Downs League fixture on Sunday 3rd December despite having a weakened team through injury Holland Sports U11 Boys Team still won! Amazingly all the boys improved their times from the last fixture.

Joseph Hunt was pipped literally on the line finishing in the same time as the winner in 10m 12 secs. Jacob Hunt was 3rd in 10m 24. Lewis Jessop had a great run beating his previous time by 34 secs finishing 10th Boy (11th overall including the girls) in 11.11. Oscar Prebble had a superb run in 11th (12) in 11.14. Joseph Waldon was 13th (16) in 11.25, with Harrison Hayman 27th (30) in 11. 47, Devon Mooney 30th (34) in 11.58, Jamie Walters 34th (41) in 12.10, George Spilsbury 36th (45) in 12.19, Harvey Baines 51st (76) in 14.11 and Ben Musgrove 54th (82) in 15.11 In the U11 Girls Eloise Ashmore was 13th (53) in 12.38.

Unfortunately the hare ran the U11 course instead of the U13 course so you cannot compare previous times. Ben Carpenter had an excellent run leading the team home in 15th (20) in 11m 25, followed by Nick Jones 25th (41) in 12.05 and Callum Hills 28th (49) in 12.15. The team finished 8th. In the U13's Poppy Wells again had a strong race finishing 13th (36) in 11m 58, followed by Charlotte Hosp 36th (71) in 14.44 and Phoebe Musgrove 37th (72) in 15.14. The team finished 7th.

In the U15's Dillon Quirici finished a superb 6th in 11.24, with Rory Summerton 15th (18) in 12m 11 and Euan Ashmore 19TH (29) in 13.16. The team finished 4th, and they were all faster than last time.

HSAC men's XC team

The men's cross-country team at Epsom Downs, 11 November 2017

A great performance from the 14-strong Holland Sports AC's men's team on Saturday on Epsom Downs in the Surrey League Div 3 and Div 4 fixture. I have shown overall finish and in brackets where they came in our Div 4.

Neil Danby had another great run finishing 10th overall (3rd) in 28m 54 and easily the fastest 50 year old. Harry Lawson gave absolutely everything and was rewarded with a brilliant 17th (6th) place in 29m 27. Steve Bishop was 27th (8th) in 29m 59, followed by a fine 56th (12th) by Sean McCabery in 31m 04. Aziouz Lammali Vet 50 still in great shape after his 3hr 17 min marathon in Venice on October 22nd finished 106th (31st) in 32m 46, with Richard Knight also V50 167th (55th) in 34m 27, followed by the welcome return from a long injury layoff by Andy Irons V50 204th (73rd) in 35m 44. Howard Crane in his first race for Holland was 209th (76th) in 35m 57, followed by Rob Jupp 224th (81st) in 36m 32 with Philip Clarkson our 10th and final scorer in 245th (93rd) in 37m 20. Pete Gibson was next in 302nd (118th) in 41m 33, with John Holmes V65 304th (119th) in 40m 29, Pete Gibbons V60 319th (125th) in 41m 33 and Richard Timmis 337th (134th) in 43m 43.


On a muddy course at Nonsuch Park on Saturday Holland Sports' U13 Girls did well beating some top clubs like SLH to finish 8th out of 28 teams. Leading the team home on the 1.8 mile course was Millie Henson in 17th place in 12 minutes dead, closely followed by Poppy Wells, 22nd in 12.19. On her debut in the League having just turned 11 Eloise Ashmore had a fine run in 46th in 13m 06. Olivia Calvo in 66th in 14m 08 made up the scoring team. Phoebe Musgrove was 72nd in 14m 22, with Izzy Ford 76th in 14m 34 and Mia Calvo bravely finishing in 82nd in 15m 09 having twisted her ankle.

In the Senior Ladies' 3.6 mile race in a huge field of 570 runners Maggie Berry (Statham) V60, coming back from injury and not 100% fit, did well to finish 283rd overall (81st in Div 2), with the three debutants Grace Smith 415th (157th) in 32m 06, Lorraine Hewett V60 420th (198th) in 32m 10, and Jo Carpenter V40 476th (198th) in 34m 21.


What a fantastic performance by all the Holland Sports athletes at the 1st X Country Downs League Race at Epsom Downs on Sunday.

In the U11 Boys there was a remarkable performance by the winner Jacob Hunt. Jacob was knocked over at the start but got up and battled his way through for a convincing win in 10m 29. Jacob was ably backed up by Luke Danby 2nd in 10m 46 and Joseph Hunt 3rd in 11m 02s so Holland sports were the runaway winning team. Our B Team of Daniel Asli 5th in 11m 19, Joseph Waldon 10th (11) in 11m 44 and Lewis Jessup 11th (12) in 11.45 were amazingly the 3rd team to finish. The figures in brackets shows where they finished when the girls are included.

Our other U11 athletes performed well, many on their debut.- Devon Mooney 22nd (26) in 12m 11, Jamie Walters 27th (32) in 12m 29, George Spilsbury 30th (35) 12m 32, Arthur Peachey 37th (46) 13m 08, Joe Green 43rd (55) 13m 26, Ben Musgrove 48th (68) 13m 50, Oliver Marro 51st (73) 14m 04, Harvey Baines 53rd (83). There were 96 runners in the race.

Eloise Ashmore disappointingly was our only U11 Girl but she did well to finish 6th Girl (37th overall) in 12m 37.

There was a convincing win in the U13's by Miles Brown in 11m 34. Nick Jones finished 13th (16) in 12m 55 and Ben Carpenter 15th (18) in 13m 00 to make up the A Team which finished 3rd.Thomas Erskine finished strongly in 29th (45) in 14.22, closely followed by Alisdair Evans 30th (47) in 14m 24 and Callum Hills 31st (48) in 14m 25.

The U13 Girls team also finished 3rd and was led home by Millie Henson 6th Girl (27) in 13.15, closely followed by Poppy Wells 8th (31 ) in 13m 23 . Phoebe Musgrove made up the team 31st (60) in 15m 42. Phoebe was followed by Olivia Calvo 32nd (67) in 16.17, Charlotte Hosp 35th (70) in 16m 32 and Izzy Ford 36th (71) in 16m 33.

Our U15 Boys Team finished 5th. Dillon Quirici had a great run finishing 8th (9) in 11m 41, followed by Rory Summerton 18th (21) in 12m 16, Luca Gale 25th (29) in 13m 18 making up the A Team, Euan Ashmore 26th (30) in 13m 23, Adam Green 27th (37) in 13m 59, Jack Rafferty 28th (39) in 14m 07.

What a Great day!


Well done to all who competed today at Bruce Judd cross country relay championship. Unfortunately we did not win some medals but........

In the U13 Boys we had two teams entered. In the A team the athletes were Oscar Powney, who recorded a time of 8:03 minutes, Ben Carpenter (8:59), and Callum Hills (10:18). The team finished 19th out 29 teams with an aggregate time of 27:20.

In the B team the athletes were Thomas Erskine, who recorded a time of 9:39 minutes, followed by Alasdair Evans (10:22), and Jamie Hobday (9:57). The team came 22nd out of 29 teams with an aggregate time of 29:58.

In the U13 Girls' team the athletes were Poppy Wells (9:14), Isabelle Ford (10:02), and Phoebe Musgrove (9:42). The team came 14th out of 28 teams with an aggregate time of 28:58.

In the U15 Boys' team the athletes were Dillon Quirici (7:45), Euan Ashmore (9:27), and Oscar Voller (9:17). The team came 22nd out of 29 teams with an aggregate time of 26:29.


It was a busy day on Saturday with the Junior Boys and Girls competing in the Surrey Cross-Country League in Reigate whilst the Senior Men competed at Wimbledon Common.

In the Under 13 Girls Poppy Wells led the way in 33rd in 14m 42, followed by Izzy Ford in 65th in 16m 38, Phoebe Musgrove 69th in 17m 10 and Jessica Guppy 76th in 17m 50.

In the Boys/Youths U13, U15 and U17 race Miles Brown had a phenomenal run to be 1st Holland athlete home in 44th in 16m 07. Other U13 performances were an excellent 98th position by Archie Walters in 17m 40, ably followed by Nick Jones 110th in 18m 15 and Ben Carpenter 113th in 18m 27, Callum Hills 144th in 20m 51, Thomas Erskine 146th in 21m 14, Alastair Evans 147th in 21m 17 and Jamie Hobday 151st in 23m. The U13 team finished in a superb 2nd place.

Other performances were Matt Domingues (U17) 50th in 16m 18, Dillon Quirici (U15) 53rd in 16m 23, Henry ("Harry") Fisher 63rd in 16m 40, Euan Ashmore (U15) 114th in 18m 35, Tom Duff (U15) 115th in 18m 57, Sam Heath (U15) 135th in 19m 36.

In the Senior Men's Race, which combined Divisions 3 and 4, there were 332 runners. Neil Danby had a fantastic race finishing 5th overall (2nd in Div 4) in a time of 27m 45 and was easily the fastest Vet 50. Steve Bishop had an excellent run in 10th (3rd) in 28m 14. Harry Lawson was the 1st U20 in 38th (9th) in 29m 47, followed by a fine debut run by Alasdair Kite 126th (31st) in 32m 41, with Joshua Knight 183rd (58th) in 34m 50, Rob Jupp on debut 210th (72nd) in 35m 58, Richard Knight 214th (73rd) in 36m 02, Pete Gibson 291st (103rd) in 40m12 and Pete Gibbons 306th (111th) in 41m 42. Despite being a man short, the team finished 6th out of 12s in Division 4.


Some great performances at the Surrey Combined Events and Steeplechase Champs. Click HERE for report.


In the Lily B Plate Final Holland Sports finished in 2nd place overall. At one stage we were leading the competition but Sutton had more athletes - next year with a bigger turnout we can win this competition!

In the U13's Jasmine Fletcher and Issy Massey were 1st and 2nd in 13.1 and 13.2 which equalled Issy's PB. Jasmine had a good day as she finished 1st in the Long Jump with a PB of 4m 11 and came 2nd in the High Jump with 1m 30. Issy also won the B high Jump with a fine 1m 25, and came 2nd in the B Shot with 5m 96. Lucy Louden easily won the Shot with 8m 15 and came 2nd in the Javelin with 11m 82. In the 100 Metres Jess Murray recorded a PB with in 15.0 in 2nd place whilst Constance Jarrett was 3rd in the B with 15.2. The positions were reversed in the 200 with Constance 4th in 31.5 whilst Jess won the B race in 31.8. Jess also Long Jumped 3m 35 as Non Scorer. Sophie Snape had an excellent debut as she was our fastest 100 metre runner in 14.9, Long Jumped 3m 58 to win the B and ran the 200 N/S in 32.9. Poppy Wells ran her best tactically run 800 winning in 2m 56.3. poppy also ran a N/S 70m Hurdles finishing 2nd in 14.8. The 4 x 100 Relay Team of Issy, Jasmine, Constance and Jess were 2nd in 61.1 secs.

In the U15 Clare Chappell won the Discus with 16m 99 and was 2nd in the Hammer with 15m 30 and the Shot with 7m 28. Leila Treacher was 2nd in the 75m Hurdles in 17.7, 4th in the 100 in 14.7 and 4th in the 200 in 30.8.

In the U17 Hannah Griffin came 3rd in a closely fought 80m Hurdles in 13.7. In the 100 she was 2nd in 14.2 and 2nd in the 200 in 29.8.

In the U11's Honey Chalmers won her 75m Race and was fastest of all the Holland Runners in 12.0. Honey also ran the 150 in 27.8. Other 75m performers were Lotte Murray 12.8, Orla Witham 13.5, Phoebe Gillespie 13.6, Elise Tagg 13.8, Josie Davies. In the 150 Lotte Murray was fastest in 26.1, followed by Phoebe Gillespie and Elise Tagg 27.8 and Josie Davies 28.6. Eloise Ashmore ran 2m 7.1 in the 600 Metres. In the Long Jump Lotte Murray leapt 2m 68 and Phoebe Gillespie 2m 62. The 4 x 100 Relay Team came 3rd in 69.6.


In the prestigious Woking Young Athletes' Open Medal Meeting on Sunday 3rd September the small group of Holland Sports Athletes did the club proud.

In the U11 600 Metres Joseph Waldon was 5th fastest overall out of 27 in a time of 1m 57.33. Joseph also ran 12.83 for the 75 Metres. In the U13 800 Metres Archie Walters just missed out on a medal finishing 4th in 2m 39.88, close to his best. Aaron Houlton had a busy day finishing 2nd in his heat of the U13 100 Metres in 13.77 then finished =4th in the Final with 13.48. In the 200 Metres Aaron was 2nd in his heat in 27.78 and followed this with 28.10 for 4th in the Final.


Our small group of athletes who competed in the prestigious Tom Lintern Medal Meeting at K2 on Bank Holiday Monday 28th August came away with 3 Medals.

In the Under 11 Joseph Hunt leapt 3m 79 for 2nd place. Joseph was really unlucky as he actually jumped 3m 98 which would have won the competition and equalled the club record but after landing put his hands back to stand up. In a very exciting 600 Metres Joseph led for virtually all the way before being pipped in the last few strides for gold, running a fast 1m 49.6, close to his best time.

Miles Brown finished an excellent season with another fine performance winning the U13 1500 in 5m 01.85

Jess Murray jumped a huge PB in the Long Jump with 3m 68 in 11th place, and then ran 15.32 for 6th in the 100 Metres


Despite changeable weather conditions and a small team there were still some good performances for Holland at Hastings in the last SAL of the season. Mark Andrews was competing in fewer events than usual, trying to manage injuries at the end of the season, but still managed to get some good performances including a couple of wins. Mark broke his own Triple Jump club record, winning in 13.14m and got a PB in the 110mH winning in 17.6s into a strong headwind. Mark also got had solid performances in the throws finishing 2nd in the Discus with 30.71m and 3rd in the Shot (8.93m), Hammer (21.93m) and Javelin (33.43m).

James Vancliff had some strong performances in the sprints, considering the headwind, finishing 3rd in the 100m in 12.0s, 4th in the 200m in 24.0s and 2nd in the 400m in 54.2s; he also won the 'B' Long jump with 4.48m. Maddy Nunan also had a solid day winning the 100m in 13.2s and the triple jump in 10.29m; she was 2nd in the 200m with 27.3s. James Staton did well to finish 2nd in his first 400mH to set a PB of 74.0s; he also finished 2nd in the LJ with 4.72m 2A and won the 'B' TJ with 10.22m. Tilly Bliss was the only competitor in the women's 400mH, making it hard to run a fast time, winning in 86.6s; she also ran her first 200m, setting a PB of 31.8s. Dan Oppe finished 3rd in the 5000m in 17:50.0.


300 Metres - Joseph Leigh 45.10
3rd Long Jump - Joseph Leigh 4.27
800 Metres - Archie Walters 02:40.70


U13 200 Metres - Theo Jackson 29.70
U13 1500 Metres - Ben Carpenter 05:34.13, Miles Brown 04:58.41
U17 1500 Metres - Louis McLeod 1500 Metres 04:54.34 (in the results shown as Nathan Hogan)


Oscar Powney won the prestigious Young Athletes Club Under 13 Quadkids Competition at the Guilldford Spectrum on Saturday. Oscar followed his 100 Metres in 14.8 with the 3rd best Long Jump of 4m 18, 2nd best 800 in 2m 40 and2nd best howler throw of 38m 05.

Also in the U13's Alisdair Evans finished 16th with 15.8 in the 100, Long Jump 2m 85, 800 in 3m 12 andhowler throw of 24m 54.

In the U13 Girls Poppy Wells finished 10th, running the 100 in 16.4, the Long Jump 3m 09, a PB in the 800 in 2m 54 and11m 29 with the howler.

In the U11 Boys Sam Fothergill ran the fastest 75m by 0.3 of a second in 10.9s, Long Jumped 2m 75, ran 2m 8s for 600 andthrew the howler 19.05 for 18th overall. Alex Powney came 19th with 12.6 for 75m, LJ 2m 88, 600 in 2m 16 andHowler 28m 74. Joseph Waldon was 22nd with 12.1 for 75m, 2m 91 LJ, 2m 2s for 600, 18.1 with howler. George Peachey came 32nd with 75m in 12.5, LJ 2m 98, 600 in 2m 23 andhowler 19.95. Finally Daniel Asli ran 75m in 13s andthrew the howler 21m 60.

In the Under 11 Girls Amelie Elliott came 20th with 13.0 for 75m, 2m 78 in LJ, 2m 23 in 600 andthrew the howler 10m 70. Amariah Ekperigin ran 12.3 for 755m, LJ 2M 47, 600 IN 2m 28 andthrew the howler 12m 47 for 22nd place.

In the Under 9's Arthur Peachey was 8th with 8.5s in 50 Metres, Standing LJ 1m 45, 300 Metres in 56secs (2nd fastest) andthrew howler 13.15. Sebastien Elliott was 18th with 9.4 in 50 metres, LJ 1m 30, 300 in 63 andthrew howler 8m 65.


Click here for Jeff's report (PDF).


Please click HERE for Jeff Manson's report (PDF).


Katie Greer - 2 PB's - in the Shot by a metre
Shot - 2nd 6m 55
100 Metres 4th 15.52 Phoebe Musgrove - 6th 1500 Metres 6m 37.8
Joseph Waldon
60m 6th 10.74
150m 7th 25.80
600m 7th 2m 8.10
Miles Brown
800 Metres 1st 2m 32.37
200 Metres 6th 33.09
Archie Walters
1500m 2nd 5m 18.8
Joseph Leigh
300m 6th 46.16
Long Jump 1st 4m 18
Conor Greer
80m Hurdles 2nd 16.48
100m 6th 14.77
Shot 7th 7m 05
Leila Treacher
100M 8TH 14.41
200m 5th 30.58
Long Jump 7th 4m 01
Maddy Nunan
80m Hurdles 5th 14.18
100m 1st 13.08 (Just outside Club record)
Long Jump 2nd 4m 87
Hannah Griffin
100m 4th 14.00
Long Jump 5th 4m 14
Tilly Bliss
80m Hurdles 6th 17.37
Shot 3rd 6m 75
James Vancliff
100m 2nd 11.6
400m 1st 52.36
400m Hurdles 2nd 60.92 (Just outside Club record)
400m 6th 57.75
100m 3rd 12.64

Hercules Wimbledon AC Open

U11 Girls 600 Metres
10th Phoebe Gillespie 2m 36.98
U11 Boys 1000 Metres
12th Joseph Waldon 3m 44.36

As there was not previously a Club Record for 1000 Metres U11 this is now the Club Record!

Watford Open

1 MILE U13
4th Miles Brown 5m 29.6 Club Record
100 Metres U15
5th Marcus Wilson 13.95
100 Metres U20
4th James Vancliff 11.84
200 Metres U20
3rd James Vancliff 23.28

Herne Hill

In a rich vein of form James Vancliff broke Holland Sports AC long standing Men's U20 200 Metres Record at Herne Hill on 1st April. His time in winning the race in 23.23 Seconds broke the previous record by 0.27 Seconds. James also finished 3rd in the 100 in 11.61s and 3rd in the 300 in 36.94 both just outside his PBs. Maisie Gibbins in the U13 1500 Metres ran an impressive 5m 30.33 to finish 11th. Will McGinnis came 6th in his U20 100 Metres in 14.36 and Long Jumped 4m 24 for 2nd. Mark Andrews won the Senior Men's Triple Jump with a solid 12m 08 and finished 3rd in the Shot and Discus with 8m 90 and 30m 53.

Crawley Open

New Club Records were set in rarely run distances at the opening season Crawley Open as follows:

U17 Men 300m Hurdles
1st Henry Fisher 45.26
U17 Men 600 Metres
9th James Staton 1m 43.36
U20 Men 300m Hurdles
1st James Vancliff 36.91 (A very impressive performance)
U20 Men 150m
2nd James Vancliff 17.04
U20 Men 80m
3rd James Vancliff 9.63
U17 Women 80m
2nd Maddy Nunan 10.47
U17 Women 150m
4th Maddy Nunan 20.07
Senior Men 300m
4th Mark Andrews 40.09 (Broke his own Club Record)

Other Results:

U11 60 Metres 1st Joseph Hunt 9.34 5th Jacob Hunt 10.03
U11 150 Metres 2nd Joseph Hunt 22.47 2nd (Separate Race) Thomas Erskine 23.55
U11 600 Metres 1st Joseph Hunt 1m 55.53 2nd Jacob Hunt 1m 56.57 5th Thomas Erskine 2m 01.64
U11 Long Jump 2nd Thomas Erskine 3m 58
U13 Girls 1500 Metres 5th Phoebe Musgrove 6m 32.92s
U13 Boys 1500 Metres 4th Oscar Powney 5m 14.18s
U15 150 Metres 3rd Tom Stone 20.00
U15 300 Metres 6th Max Fackrell-Spinks 49.18
U15 600 Metres 6th Euan Ashmore 2m 1.30s
U15 Long Jump 6th Joe Leigh 3m 94
U17 Women 300m Hurdles 2nd Maddy Nunan 50.41 3rd Bea Maynard 52.65
U17 Women 300m 2nd Bea Maynard 45.60
U17 Men 300 Metres 4th James Staton 43.68
U20 Men 1500 Metres 2nd Harry Lawson 4m 51.38
U20 M 150 Metres 8th Harry Lawson 20.14
Senior Men 300m Hurdles 3rd Mark Andrews 44.62
Senior Men Discus 2nd Mark Andrews 29.84m

Considering the very difficult windy conditions all these performances were excellent. To view the complete results look on Crawley AC's website.


Congratulations to Maddy Nunan and Hannah Griffin who were part of the 6 girl Surrey U15 team which won the South East Region Final and now will compete in the National Finals. Maddy finished 1st equal overall in the Speed Bounce recording an astonishing 87 in 30 seconds (Hannah did an amazing 80)

Downs Cross Country League

In the last of the 4 races we had our largest turnout with 12 in the U11 age group. The team finished 2nd and a magnificent 2nd place overall. Joseph Hunt led the team home in 2nd place in 10m 50 to win the overall silver medal (and he still has another year in the age group as do many others). Jacob Hunt who has come on in leaps and bounds finished 6th in 11m 03 (and just missed out on a medal with 4th overall for the season). Archie Walters finished a fine 9th place in 11m 26, with final scorer Devon Mooney 17th in 11m 59. Close behind was Lewis Jessup 24th in 12m 09 and Joe Waldon 29th in 12m 21. Eloise Ashmore was our 1st girl home in 41st in 12m 51 (and finished 4th girl overall for the season). On his debut George Peachey did well to finish 50th in 13m 33. Poppy Wells was 53rd in 13m 46 (7th overall) with Phoebe Musgrove 62nd in 14m 26 (11th overall). Ben Musgrove did really well on his debut finishing 69th in 15m 40 as did Macy Simms 73rd in 19m 11

In the U13 race Dillon Quirici followed his great National performance with an excellent 4th in 11m 29, followed by the ever consistent performer Miles Brown 7th in 11. 48. Maise Gibbons capped a fine season with a superb 13th place in 12m 42, finishing 2nd girl (and winning the silver medal for the season). Nick Jones was final scorer in 18th in 12m 55, whilst Euan Ashmore was 36th in 13m 36. The team finished 2nd (3rd for the season)

In the U15 Hugo Hewitt stormed home for another victory in 10m 54 to win the individual title. Tom Stone on his debut did well to finish 20th in 13m 20. and the ever dependable Bella Knight was 31st in 16m 22 (6th girl overall). The team finished 4th in the race and 4th overall for the season.

Click here for full results.



Well done to all those who competed in the National Cross Country Championships in Nottingham on Saturday 25th February

Everyone gave their best in very muddy conditions on a tough hilly course

In the U13 Boys Dillon Quirici finished an amazing 72nd in 14m 05. First year Miles Brown had another strong race in 143rd in 14m 31. The rest of the team packed well with Dom Bell 326nd in 15m 09, Euan Ashmore 351st in 15m 20 and Nick Jones just outside the scorers in 402nd in 15m 57. The team finished an excellent 32nd

In the U15 Boys Hugo Hewitt having a superb season was 145th in 16m 44. Tyler Simms had his best run of the season in 188th in 17m 09. Matt Domingues and Oscar Voller having fine races finished 281st and 283rd in 18m 16 and 18m 18. Unfortunately Henry ("Harry") Fisher suffered a knee problem but gamely finished in 362nd in 20m 35. The team finished 23rd overall

In the U17 Men Harry Lawson in his 1st season running Cross Country finished a very creditable 216th in 24m 42

In the U13 Girls Maisie Gibbins had an amazing race in 149th place in 15m 07

Finally Sofia Lammali who loved the mud finished 351st in 21m 06


A brilliant performance especially the Under 15 Girls who won! Maddy Nunan finished 2nd, Hannah Griffin 4th and Bea Maynard 6th equal.

Covering letter


Holland Sports' Senior Men had by far their best result of the season finishing a comfortable 2nd place in Division 4 in the third Surrey Cross Country League fixture of the season at Cranford Park on Saturday. As usual Division 3 and 4 ran together so the overall position of each runner is shown in brackets.

Steve Bishop as usual led the team home in 6th (26) in 29m 15. Sean McCabery, having a brilliant season, was 16th (70) in 31m 11, James Rady, struggling with the after effects of illness, bravely finished 18th (75) in 31m 22, followed by another strong run by Andy Irons in 21st (82) in 31m 48, then Jeremy Carter with his trademark fast finish 26th (92) in 32m 16, Richard Knight 32nd (104) in 32m 46, Zhan Su 38th (126) in 33m 33, followed closely by Will Rady 39th (129) in 33m 38, Aziouz Lammali 48th (152) in 34m 46 and final scorer Lenny Fazendeiro 52nd (157) in 35m 03. They were ably backed up by Peter Gibson 86th (224) in 38m 28, John Holmes 92nd (239) in 40m 10 and Pat Sullivan 104th (259) in 46m 47.


We had a few no-shows due to illness and injury at the Surrey Cross Champs at Lloyd Park on Saturday 7th January - so hard luck to Maggie Berry, James Rady and Josh Knight - also to Sofia Lammali who had to drop out during the race.

Highest position was achieved in the U13 Boys Race with Dillon Quirici finishing in an excellent 17th pace in 10m 25, closely followed by 1st year Miles Brown in 25th in 10m 37. They were well backed up with Euan Ashmore 74th in 12m 01, Dom Bell 78th in 12m 22, followed close on his heels by Nick Jones 79th in 12m 22. The U13 team achieved our highest finish with 6th.

In the U13 Girls on her debut Maisie Gibbins finished an excellent 34th in 12m 06. Phoebe Musgrove who has another 2 years in this age group having just turned 11 finished strongly in 75th in 14m 28.

In the U15 Boys Henry ("Harry") Fisher was first home for Holland in 19th in 14m 43 - Harry did well as he was struggling with his calf part way round. Hugo Hewitt had another good run in 26th in 14m 53. Oscar Voller had a strong second half finishing 50th in 15m 40. Matt Domingues was 61st in 16m 16 and the team finished 9th overall.

In the U17's Harry Lawson put on a good performance in his 1st race in the Champs finshing 27th in 21m 39. A brave and determined James Staton completed the course in 26m 58 for 42nd.


At the Holly Cross Country races in Reigate Priory Park Holland Sports athletes came away with a host of medals. The U11 Boys romped to a convincing victory. Joseph Hunt led the team home in 3rd in 6m 37, closely followed by Archie Walters in 5th in 6m 52 and Jacob Hunt 6th in 6m 57. The winning team was ably backed up by Lewis Jessup 33rd in 7m 51, Joe Waldon 36th in 7m 54, George Peachey 37th in 7m 55, and Archie's younger brother Jamie an excellent 41st in 8m 05. Thomas Erskine a Holland Athlete running for his school was 15th in 7m 26.

The day had started with the U11 Girl's Race. Eloise Ashmore had a fine run in 18th in 8m 17, with the ever dependable Phoebe Musgrove 34th in 8m 47. Phoebe's younger sister Jasmin did well on her debut for the club finishing in 77th in 13m 47.

Maisie Gibbins gave it everything in the U13 Girl's Race almost snatching 2nd place losing out by 1 second finishing 3rd in 12m 32.

The U13 Boys Team were also medallists finishing with the Silver Medals. Dominic Quirici was 5th in 11m 26, closely followed by Miles Brown a 1st year in 6th in 11m 33. Euan Ashmore had a strong race finishing 22nd in 13m 10.

In the U15 and U17 combined boy's race Hugo Hewitt with a storming finish just missed out on a medal in the U15s finishing 4th in 17m 45. In the U17's Harry Lawson was 4th in 18m 59

The final medallist for Holland was Will McGinniss finishing 2nd Under 20 in the Combined U20/Senior Men's Race in a time of 61m 31.


Many great performances such as:

Maddy Nunan 2nd overall in the U15 Girls and winning the 2 Lap and 2nd in Speed Bounce.
Hannah Griffin 4th equal in U15 Girls.
Henry ("Harry") Fisher only half a point from 3rd position in U15 Boys, 1st = Speed Bounce and 2nd in the 4 Lap.
Isabel Fletcher 4th in U13 Standing Long Jump.
Conor Greer 2nd in the U13 Shot.

Results (Excel spreadsheet)

All those who competed for the first time especially the Year 6s who will have 2 more years in the age group: Poppy Wells, Jasmine Fletcher, Clara Hogg and Phoebe Musgrove.


Apologies for delay in sending these out but I have been away

Everyone performed well which resulted in the Under 13 Boys Team finishing 3rd and the Under 15 Girls 4th in a very close competition with the winners only 16 points ahead

I would particularly like to mention:

Maddy Nunan winning the overall U15 Girls competition - she was comfortably the fastest in the 2 lap, 2nd in the Long Jump (beaten by 1cm) and 2nd in the Speed Bounce (Beaten by 1)

Bea Maynard 3rd fastest in the 4 Lap

Clare Chappell 2nd in the Shot with a big PB

Marcus Wilson in his 1st Sportshall competition finishing 9th overall and 2nd = in the 4 Lap event

Conor Greer winning the Shot by over andhalf; metre with a PB

Results below:




We were in the plate competition - due to timetable confusion 3 of our girls missed their Long Jump so instead of finishing 3rd out of 5 we finished 5th. It was also a disappointing turnout which hopefully wa due to athletes away on holiday

In the Non Scoring Under 11s Jasmine Fletcher missed out on a Club Record in the 75 Metres by 0.1 of a second finishing 4th (out of 29) in 11.4s. In the 150m Jasmine ran 23.3s and came 4th in the Long Jump with 3m 39. Clara Hogg ran 11.9 in the 75m, 25.8 for the 150 and Long Jumped 2m 80 for 11th. Eloise Ashmore ran 13.1 for the 75m, 25.5 for the 150m. Poppy Wells ran 2m 14.2 for the 600m and Long Jumped 2m 47 for 15th.

In the U13s Isabel Fletcher came 2nd in the 200m in a National Grade 4 Time of 30.1s, won the High Jump with a National Grade 3 jump of 1m 35 and as she missed the scoring Long Jump only had 1 jump which was 3m 70. Katie Greer had a good day with 3 PBs - 5th in the 100 in 16.0, 4th in the B 200 in 34.1 and 4th in the Shot with 5m 43.

In the U15s Francesca Evans ran a PB coming 2nd in the 70m Hurdles in 13.6, missing a National Grade by 0.1s. In the B hurdles Jess Knight won with 16.5. Jess also came 5th in the 100 in 16.2. Eloise Richards came 3rd in the 800 with 2m 48.3 and 2nd in the Shot with 6m 55. Bella Knight came 3rd in the B Shot with 4m 80 and 3rd in the 1500 with 6m 22.2. Leila Treacher came 5th in the 100 with 14.6, 4th in the 200 with 30.9 and 3rd in the High Jump with 1m 15. These 4 girls came 3rd in the 4 x 100 Relay in 61.6.


Well done to those who performed at this medal meeting - we came away with 3 medals. Pride of place goes to Archie Walters, Gold Medallist, who broke Joseph Hunt's U11 600 Metre Club Record with a stunning run finishing equal 1st in 1m 52.82. In the same race Lewis Tagg ran a swift 2m 2.83, a PB, for 6th place. Hannah Griffin High Jumped a PB 1m 35 for Bronze, losing the Silver on countback. Hannah also Long Jumped 4m 34 for 7th. Harry Lawson in his first track race, the 3000 Metres, was up against Senior Men. He finished 6th overall but 1st Under 17 for the Gold Medal in 10m 36.52.

Evan Moore on his debut for the club had a fine U13 Long Jump leaping 3m 62 for 5th place. Evan also came 7th in the 200 Metres in 34.1.

Finally Alex Tagg came 4th in the U13 100 Metres in 15.29.


At the last YDL fixture for U13 and U15 Boys and Girls of the season at Hastings there were a number of outstanding performances by Holland Sports AC. None more so than Isabel Fletcher with 3 National Grades in the U13's. Her high jump was the pick with a National Grade 3 jump of 1m 36 for 2nd. She backed this with a National Grade 3 in the 150 Metres with 4th in 21.5 and National Grade 4 in the Long Jump with 3m 99 for 4th. Also in the U13 Jennaleigh Harris ran PB's in the 75m for 5th in the B in 13.4 and finished 3rd in the 1200m in 5m 02.5. Lisa Lammali finished 6th in the A75 in 13.5, 7th in the B150 in 25.6 and 3rd in the B Long Jump with 3m 30

In the U15 Girls it was good to see Eloise Richards back. She came 4th in the Shot with 6m 35, and in the 800 in 2m 49.0 and 5th in the 300 in 49.8 all PB's Hannah Griffin on her debut leapt 4m 32 for 4th, came 1st in the B800 in 3m 04.6 and threw the Javelin 7m 93 for 3rd in the B. Sofia Lammali ran a PB in the 1500 finishing 6th in 5m 48.1, came 2nd in the B Shot with 5m 69 and 6th in the A Javelin with 11m 55. Jess Knight knocked an amazing 2 seconds off her PB in the 75m Hurdles finishing 3rd in 14.8, came 5th in the B100 in 16.0 and 4th in the B Long Jump with 3m 35. Jess's sister Bella ran a PB in the 1500 finishing 3rd in the B with 5m 57.1 and High Jumped 1m 05 for 2nd in the B. Leila Treacher came 3rd in the 100 with 14.0, 4th in the 200 with 30.3 and 3rd in the High with 1m 15. Eloise, Hannah, Jess and Leila came 3rd in the 4 x 100 in 59.5

In the U13 Boys Conor Greer had a good day finishing 2nd in the Shot with 6m 69, 2nd in the B Long Jump with 3m 77 and easily won the B75 Hurdles in 14.9. Marcus Wilson broke his PB in the 200 coming 2nd with 28.3 a National Grade 4, came 3rd in the 100 with 14.3 and leapt 4m 09 for 3rd in the Long Jump. Max Fackrell-Spinks ran a PB in the 800 finishing 3rd in 2m 33.4,a National grade 4. Max's brother also ran a PB in the B100 finishing 3rd in 14.7. Ben Sumner threw the Javelin 27m 21 for 2nd, a National grade 3. Tom Simpson high jumped 1m 15 for 5th and came 3rd in the 75m Hurdles in 15.6. Tom, Ben, Conor and Marcus came 4th in the 4 x 100 in 58.7

In the U15 Boys 300m Tyler Simms ran a PB of 42.2 for 5th and came 5th in the 800 in 2m 22.5. Oscar Voller in the B800 ran a PB of 2m 25.5. Charlie Richards had a good day with 3 PB's - 4th in the Javelin with 26m 73, 3rd in the Shot with 7m 72 and 4th in the Long Jump with 4m 29

The team came 6th with 276 points


In the Southern Athletics League fixture at Tooting on Saturday, Holland Sports and DMV joint team recorded their best result of the season finishing a magnificent 2nd place

Neil Lincoln's win in the Long Jump with 6m 21 placed him in the UK All Time Top 11 in his Vet 45 age group. He is currently ranked UK 3rd for this year. Neil also won the A Triple Jump with 11m 20, finished 2nd in the B Discus with 17m 23, 4th in the B Shot with 7m 15 and 2nd in the B Hammer with 16m 29

Despite being hampered by a sore heel Mark Andrews recorded seasons bests in the Javelin finishing 2nd with 35m 92, and in the Shot with 9m 56 for 3rd, and in the B 100 with 12.5 for 3rd Mark also won the High Jump with 1m 65, finished 3rd in the Discus with 30m 20, 2nd in the B Triple Jump with 11m 58, 3rd in the B Long Jump with 5m 03, 3rd in the Pole Vault with 1m 85, and 3RD in the 110m Hurdles

James Vancliff recorded 2 PB's with his 11.9 for 3rd in both the 100 and 200 in 24.6.

Josh Knight finished 2nd in the 800 in 2m 6.8 whilst his brother Tom leapt 1m 45 for 3rd in the High Jump and finished 3rd in the 400m Hurdles in 70.7

Louis Kenyon finished 3rd in the B 400 Hurdles

The Dorking Mole Valley athletes played a huge part in the joint teams fine 2nd place. Ewan Bate finished 2nd in the 1500 with 4m 24.7 whilst his father Lawrence finished 3rd in the B with 5m 18.4. Ewan also finished 2nd in the B800 in 2m 03.0. In the 3000m Steeplechase Bruce Harrold finished 2nd in 10m 55.5 and 3rd in the 3000m in 9m 23.7In the b Steeple Rob Russell finished 3rd in 12m 09.4 and the B3000 Metres Dave Moore finished 3rd in 10m 10.7. In the 400m Hayden Young was 3rd in 57.7, whilst Oliver Dean was 2nd in the B with 55.9

The Mens 4 x 100 Relay Team finished 4th in 52.4 whilst the 4 x 400 Relay Team finished 3rd in 3m 46.4

In the Women Lucy Sumner from Holland Sports was the team's only overall Winner - only 1 jump was needed to win the High Jump with 1m 43 and Lucy also won the 100m Hurdles in 17.1, whilst finishing 3rd in the 100 with 13.5. Holly Swadling won the B 100 Hurdles in 24.0, finished 2nd in the 1500m Steeplechase in 6m 58, 3rd in the B 100 in 15.8, 3rd in the A 200 in 35.2 and 3rd in the A 400 in 81.6

Maggie Berry (Statham) finished 3rd in the B 400 in 90.8, 3rd in the B 1500 in 6m 23.7 and 2nd in the B5000 in 21m 42.1

In the 800m DMV's Fiona Blagg finished 2nd in the B 800 in 2m 44, 3rd in the 5000 in 21m 08.0. Bea Allan finished 3rd in the A 1500 in 5m 14.3 and 3rd in the B High Jump with 1m 03. Jane Wilcox with an excellent 23m 71 finished 2nd in the Hammer, 5th in Javelin with 14m 78, 4th in Shot with 6m 85, 3rd in Triple with 6m 38 and 3rd in B Discus with 16m 57 and 2nd in B Lon with 3m 25. Kasia Kublik-Okon won the discus with a brilliant 29m 63, won the B Hammer with 21m 10, came 4th in B Javelin with 9m 41 and 3rd in B Shot with 5m 84. Lowri Morris came 4th in the Long Jump with 3m 63 and 2nd in the A 800m in 2m 26.0


In the Ebbisham Boys League at Woodcote School, Coulsdon on Sunday Holland Sports had a thrilling 1 point victory. There were many amazing performances - Tyler Simms winning the 800m in 2m 17.9 and also the B 300 in 42.0 and 3rd in the Shot with 7m 50.

Henry ("Harry") Fisher had 3 PB's - 2nd in the 1500 in 4m 37.9, 4th in the 200 in 25.6 and 2nd in the Triple Jump with 10m 25.

James Taylor ran well to finish 3rd in the B 800 in 2m 35.8

In the High Jump Luca Fairchild came 4th with 1m 30 and threw a PB in the Javelin for 3rd with 23m 71. Luca Fassio came a fine 2nd in the 300m in 40.7. Oscar Voller got valueable points finishing 2nd in the B High Jump with 1m 10 finished 2nd in the B 1500 in 5m 02.9.

Nathan Hogan on debut finished 4th in the 80m hurdles in 15.3, 5th in the B100 in 13.8 and putt the Shot 5m 71 for 3rd in the B. Nathan's Brother Ben came 2nd in the B80 Metre Hurdles in 15.4, 5th in the A100 in 13.4 and 4th in the b200 in 27.0

In the U13 Ben Sumner won the Javelin with a PB throw of 29m 40 and Long Jumped 3m 55 for 2nd in the B. Max Fackrell-Spinks made it a double in the Javelin winning the B with 16m 83 and was just outside his PB in the 800 B race finishing 2nd in 2m 35.0

Tom Simpson won the Discus with a PB throw of 16m 99, finished 2nd in his 75m Hurdles in a PB of 14.8, then finished 3rd in the High Jump with a PB of 1m 20

Marcus Wilson had a great day coming 3rd in the 100m in a PB of 13.9 for 3rd then ran 28.5 for 4th in the 200m. Conor Greer came 2nd in the B100 in 14.4, won the B 75 Hurdles in 15.4 and came 3rd in the Long Jump with 3m 84.

Beau Fackrell-Spinks ran a PB of 29.2 to finish 2nd in the B200 in 29.2

Dom Bell ran a fine 1500 to finish 2nd in 5m 29 whilst Nick Jones came a fine 2nd in the B1500 in 5m 39.3

Dillon Quirici gave his all to finish 3rd in the 800 in 2m 30.9

In the 4 x 200m Relay Holland's U13 team were just beaten into 3rd by 2 tenths with 2m 00.5 and the U15's came 4th in 1m 49.4


The same weekend Stephanie Fisher did well to qualify and compete in the English School Finals in the U15 300 metre hurdles whilst Lucy Sumner competed for Surrey in the High Jump in the Inter Counties Competition

Ebbisham League action photo

U13s - Highest point scorers: CONNOR GREER (11pts), LIAM COBLEY (10 pts) and DILLON QUIRICI (9pts).
Event Winners (6 pointers) - MAX FACKRELL-SPINKS (800m B), CONOR GREER (shot A), BEAU FACKRELL-SPINKS (SHOT B), MILES BROWN (1500m A).
U15s - Highest point scorers: HARRY FISHER (14pts) and LUCA FAIRCHILD (11pts).
Event Winners (6 Pointers) - HARRY FISHER (80m H), LUCA FASSIO (300m B)

Our U13s, U15s and U17s featured strongly in the weekend's Ebbisham athletics League at Walton on Thames in a day of high "desire" and "commitment" (especially in the U13s) resulting in many much sought after personal bests and Holland Sports AC to 2nd U13 and 4th U15 Team placing and just 10 pts from the powerful Croydon, Epsom & Ewell and Sutton athletics clubs.

The hot conditions resulted in sizzling performances from many athletes including U13s Liam Cobley (100m, 200m), Max and Beau Fackrell-Spinks and a big first Track win from Miles Brown (1500m) and points success from Connor Greer (Hurdles and Shot) and Dillon Quirici (800m and Long Jump). U15s success came from Harry Fisher (80m Hurdles, Triple Jump and 300m), Luca Fassio (300m) and a strong looking Oscar Voller (1500m). Holland also finished as a major Relay force - suggesting a 3rd Overall Team placing is possible with full teams. The U17s saw James Staton competing in HJ, LJ and 400m. On a day when each of our athletes made progress perhaps few showed more desire than Luke Lawrence improving his 800m time from 2.23.9 to 2.18.1.

In the sprints, U13 Liam Cobley set the standard closing in on National Grade 1 for 100m (13.00 a new PB and National grade 2) and looked equally pacey in 200m (27.9 new PB National Grade3). U15 Harry Fisher won the Hurdes (new PB in 13.01 National Grade 4) and in 300m achieved a Massive PB moving from 43.2 to 41.5 (National grade 4). Making his return to high quality athletics, U15 Luca Fassio also stood out in his 300m (his 42.2 win was just 0.1 from National Grade 4).

Competing against older athletes is possible as was shown by Oscar Voller to achieve his new PB of 5.00.8. In terms of "commitment" James Staton gave 100% in his Long Jump, High Jump and 400m. On a day proving the importance of "sporting desire", U13 Beau Fackrell-Spinks showed his spirit to win his Shot event (4.66). We would like to thank all parents and athletes for their support and efforts. Come on Holland!


- Do you have strength/speed to progress? Or are you working at this?
- How is your Technique? Or are you working at this?
- Are you targeting PBS and Club standards? If not why not? You can do it!
- Did you control your nerves (we all have them but tend to control them)? It's easier with good FITESSS, TRAINING and more EVENTS.
- U15s we need more of you competing.


At the Lily B Girls' League on Sunday at Kingston Holland Sports athletes performed well in at times difficult conditions. The outstanding performance was by Stephanie Fisher in the 300 Metre Hurdles. In her 1st attempt at this distance Steph ran 48 seconds dead, a new club record and an English Schools qualifying time. Steph also finished 3rd in the 800 in 2m 31.7 and 4th in the Hammer with 19m 58.

In the Under 15s Maddy Nunan had a great high jump, leaping a big PB of 1m 35 for 2nd, then put the Shot 7m 54 for 3rd and came 3rd in the 200 in 27.9. Leila Treacher came 5th in the B200 in 31.2, 4th in the 100 in 14.6 and 4th in the Long Jump with 3m 79. Francesca Evans came 4th in the 75m Hurdles in 16.4, 5th in the B100 in 15.8 and 4th in the B Long Jump with 3m 41. Sofia Lammali came 5th in the 800 in a PB of 2m 56.4, 3rd in B Shot with 5m 82 and 3rd in the Discus with 12m 93. Jess Knight came 3rd in the B hurdles in 17.7, 5th in the Javelin with 9m 64 and leapt 3m 49 in the Non Scoring Long Jump. Sister Bella came 3rd in the High Jump with 1m 15 and jumped 3m 11 in the Long Jump. The 4 x 100 team of Francesca, Bella, Leila and Sofia came 5th in 61 secs.

In the Under 13s Katie Greer in her 1st Shot Putt competition came a very creditable 3rd with 5m 24, ran 16.6 for the 100 and 35.3 in the B200, Lisa Lammali came 6th in the Long with 3m 13 and in the B100 in 17.8 and the 200 in 36.5.

The Under 11s did well particularly as it was Natasha Browning and Zoe Harris 1st competition. In the Long Jump Natasha was 5th with 2m 78, Jasmin Musgrove 6th with 2m 26 and sister Phoebe 8th with 1m 90.

In the 75m Zoe ran 13.1, Phoebe 13.4, Natasha 14.2 and Jasmin 16.5. In the 600 Metres Natasha ran 2m 21.6, Phoebe 2m 25.6 and Zoe 2m 26.5


Despite losing a lot of athletes to D of E activities there were a number of excellent performances by Holland Sports athletes in the YDL Lower Age Group Event at Medway Park on Saturday including 4 achieving National Grade 4 - In the Under 13 Boys Liam Cobley stormed to victory into a strong wind in both the 100 and 200 Metres - in Nat Grade 4 times of 13.93and 28.74. Liam also ran a fantastic last leg in the 4 x 100 Relay and was just pipped into 2nd in 58.27 (Rest of team Dillon Quirici, Beau Fackrell-Spinksand Dom Bell). Dillon Quirici with a great finish won the U13 800 in Nat Grade 4 time of 2m 32.48. Miles Brown smashed his PB with a Nat Grade 4 time of 5m 13.57 in the U13 1500 Metres. Finally Henry ("Harry") Fisher broke his PB in the U15 800 Metres in a Nat Grade 4 time of 2m 16.72 for 3rd. Harry also won the Long Jump with 4m 36 and came 2nd in the High Jump with 1m 46. There were a number of notable performances - In U13's Beau Fackrell-Spinks 3rd in B 100 in 15.58 - his brother Max 3rd in B 800 in 2m 42.99, Dom Bell 2nd in the Shot in his 1st competition with 5m 38, 2nd in B Long Jump with 3m 25 and 4th in B 1500 in 5m 46.65. Dillon Quirici was 5th in A Long Jump with 3m 59. Nick Jones in his 1st Javelin comp came 2nd with 13m 44 and ran a Non Scoring 800 Metres in 2m 53.15

In the U15's Ben Hogan in a photo finish was just by a fraction beaten into 2nd in the 100 in 14.22, came 3rd in the 200 with 28.70 and 2nd in 80 Metre Hurdles in 16.39.

There were debuts by Michael Bossick who came 4th in the B 200 in 32.46, and in the B300 in 50.45. Rory Summerton came 6th in the A 300 in 54.69, 4th in the B 800 in 2m 52.12 and 4th in Javelin with 7m 39

In the U13 Girls on her debut Frances Enstone came 5th in the A 75 Metres in 12.51, 7th in the A 150 in 24.69 and 5TH in the B Long Jump with 2m 72. Lisa Lammali was 5th in the B 100 in 13.27 and in the B 200 in 26.37 and in A Long Jump with 3m 07

In the U15 Girls Bella Knight broke her PB with a leap of 1m 25 in the High Jump to come 2nd in the A. Bella was also 3rd in the B Shot with 5m 03 and 6th in the 800 in 3m 20.96

In the A 100 Leila Treacher was 3rd in 15.69, 4th in the A 200 in 30.69 and 4th in the Long Jump with 3m 79. Francesca Evans was 6th in the A 100 in 16.11, 5th in the B Long Jump with 3m 53 and 6th in the A 75m Hurdles in 16.42. Jess Knight was 4th in the B Hurdles race in 17.25 and came 5th in the B Shot with 5m 28

The team came 6th out of 7 but did well considering all the absentees

For detailed results click here (Scorers) and here (Non Scorers).


Athletics Weekly's ranking of UK cross-country runners published in April 2016 placed HSAC masters runner Maggie Berry (Statham) second in the W60 category. In first position in the rankings was Gail Duckworth, of Milton Keynes, who had only beaten Maggie, narrowly, on a single occasion in the 12 month period concerned.


Mark Andrews came a fantastic 5th in the World Indoor Ultra-multi events Championships in Helsinki, Finland on 9th/10th April.

Mark broke the British Triple Record within the event with the further recorded mark of 12.37m, although his last round effort was much further and would have put him within a few centimetres of the world record but was a foul by the smallest of margins!

Mark was in 4th place at the end of day 1 (after 7 events), but knew that the second day wasn't as strong overall for him. Going into the last event Mark was in 4th place just a couple of points ahead of 5th place, with an outside chance of getting on the podium. The last event, the 5000m, is not one of Mark's strongest at the moment so he tried to keep up the athlete he needed to beat but soon started to fall off the pace and then started to drop back knowing that the podium finish was then out of reach.

Mark broke 7 indoor club records (400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, Weight Throw and Tetradecathlon) over the weekend with some decent performances, getting more than 500 points in 9 of the 14 events. His full results were:

60m - 7.97s (568pts)
LJ - 5.73m (529)
800m - 2:15.48 (659 - CR)
SP - 8.12m (373)
400m - 56.01s (559 - CR)
HJ - 1.71m (552)
3000m - 11:58.33 (369 - CR)
60mH - 10.09 (524)
PV - 2.20m (179)
1500m - 5:10.70 (500 - CR)
WT - 7.42m (309 - CR)
200m - 25.48s (566)
TJ - 12.37m (502)
5000m - 22:27.13 (194 - CR)
Tetradecathlon - 6,383pts (CR)

This is a promising start to the season and Mark will be working hard, especially at some of his weaker events, to try and get a strong performance at the European Outdoor Ultra-Multi Event Championships in Cambridge at the end of August.


There was a better turnout than the 1st Crawley Open but we could still do with more of you competing. It was good to see the following debutants on the track who all performed well - so well done Miles Brown, Harry O'Donovan, Aaron Houlton, Dillon Quirici, Phoebe and Jasmin Musgrove, Oscar Voller.

60 Metres Boys U11
2nd Harry O'Donovan 9.9 Secs
60 Metres Girls U11
6th Jasmin Musgrove 11.9 Secs
150 Metres Boys U11
5th Harry O'Donovan 25.4 Secs
150 Metres Girls U11
5th Phoebe Musgrove 27.8 Secs
600 Metres Girls U11
8th Phobe Musgove 2m 25.7 Secs
Under 13 Boys 800 Metres
Dillon Quirici 2m 32.8 Secs (National Grade 4)
Under 13 Boys 1500 Metres
2nd Miles Brown 5m 19.6 Secs
Under 13 Boys Javelin
3rd Indigo Schwartz 17m 58
Under 13 Boys 100 Metres
3rd Aaron Houlton 14.8 Secs
Under 13 Boys 200 Metres
4th Aaron Houlton 30.4 Secs
Under 15 Boys 800 Metres
4th Oscar Voller 2m 31.1 Secs
Under 15 Girls 100 Metres
1st Maddy Nunan 13.3 Secs (National Grade 4)
Under 15 Girls 200 Metres
2nd Maddy Nunan 27.1 Secs (National Grade 3)
Under 15 Girls Long Jump
3rd Maddy Nunan 4m 80 (Very close event - winner jumped 4m 84) (National Grade 3)
Under 20 Men 100 Metres
3rd Ocean Schwartz 11.3 Secs
Senior Men 100 Metres
3rd Mark Andrews 12.9 Secs
Under 20 Men 400 Metres
2nd Ocean Schwartz 51.1 Secs
Senior Men 110 Metre Hurdles
4th Mark Andrews 19.0 Secs
Senior Men 400 Metre Hurdles
1st Tom Rady 62.1 Secs
2nd Mark Andrews 62.9 Secs
U17/U20 400 Metre Hurdles
3rd James Rady (U20) 68.4 Secs


Congratulations to Maggie Berry (Statham) on winning the W60 category at the Maidenhead Easter Ten, a popular, fast 10 mile road race that takes place every Good Friday. Her time was 73:18. This is a very well organised race, very easy to get to by car, and well worth doing if you've not done it yourself.


Congratulations to Maggie Berry (Statham) on becoming the W60 champion at the 2016 British Masters Cross-Country Championships, held at the University of Bath. She won her category by a substantial margin in 24:54 from second place Maggie Lorraine (Gateshead Harriers), 25:28, and third place Anna Garnier (Thames Hare & Hounds), 25:39. The race took place on a surprisingly tough 6km grassland course in glorious weather conditions.


There was a a disappointing turnout of only 4 Holland Sports athletes at the Crawley Open at K2 on March 20th. There were only 2 Junior athletes but they both distinguished themselves. Maddy Nunan won the U15 Girls' Long Jump with a PB of 4m 83 and broke the Club Record. Maddy went on to win her heat of the 80 metres in 11.0 and came 3rd in the 150 in 20.3 both PBs and Club records. Archie Walters won a thrilling race in the U11 600 Metres in 2 m 00.5 secs a PB. In the 1500 Metres Daniel Oppe, Senior Man came 2nd in 4m 44.2 secs a good season opener. There was solid performances by Mark Andrews with 1m 75 in the High Jump, 30.24 metre in the Discus and 21m 92 in the Hammer


Click here for results of the match on 13 March and the final results for the Epsom Downs League 2015/16. Congratulations to all Holland's medal winners!


For the first time in a few years Holland Sports AC had runners in the English National Cross Country Championships at Donington Park, Leicestershire on Saturday

On a tough undulating course with sticky mud, all of Holland Sports AC athletes performed well. In the U13 Boys Oscar Voller was on form finishing 78th in 14m 06. In the same race Miles Brown 2 years down coped with the pressure really well to finish a fine 242nd in 15m 17 in a field of over 400 runners. In the Under 15 Boys Hugo Hewitt ran strongly to finish 261st in 20m 05 with a fast finishing Matthew Domingues 333rd in 21m 40. In the Under 17's Tom Knight was 144th in 23m 11, with Louis Kenyon 213th in 24m 52. In the Junior Mens Race, Josh Knight 1st year Under 20 was an excellent 64th in 41m 31

In the Senior Women's Race in a field of 739 runners, Maggie Berry, running better than ever at the age of 62, finished 288th in 40m 10.


4 medals for Holland Sports Athletes at the Surrey Indoor Championships at Carshalton on 20/21 Feb.

Ocean Schwartz qualified for the final of the U20M 60m where he won the bronze medal finishing 3rd in a club record 7.15s.

Josh Watson won the bronze medal in the U17M 60mH in 8.76s, just outside his own club record but still a very impressive performance.

Mark Andrews won gold in the SM High Jump winning with 1.80m, equalling his own club record for the 3rd time this season. Mark also won the bronze medal in the SM Triple Jump with a club record 12.60m. Mark came 4th in both the 60mH (10.09s) and Shot (8.83m) and 6th in the Long Jump (5.57m).


A phenomenal performance by our Under 11 Boys Team who won the 3rd fixture of the Downs League on Sunday 21st February. Amazingly we filled the first 3 places with Miles Brown winning in 10m 56 and now leading the race for the overall title. Joseph Hunt, only year 4, had an incredible debut finishing 2nd in 11m 10, closely followed by Archie Walters 3rd in 11m 13. Oscar Powney was the 4th scoring member finishing 11th in 12m 12. Congratulations to others whose debut it was namely Jacob Hunt, Henry Marshall, Jasmine Musgrove and Isabel Sharp.

Congratulations to Oscar Voller who is 4th overall in the U13 and Hugo Hewitt who had his best ever run finishing 3rd in the U15

Well done to everyone from a very proud coach, well 2 actually as Jeff was also thrilled at everyone's performances.

Click here for results.


We had another very good turnout of 15 runners for the final men's cross-country of the season at a muddy Lloyd Park. U20 Josh Knight once again starred for the team, finishing in 4th position. Josh ended the season as the top runner in Division Three having finished the preceding races in 7th, 6th and 1st position - well done Josh. Next, in 17th position, was another U20, James Rady. The Holland team finished Match 4 in 5th place out of 9 teams in Division 3 - a very creditable result, and ahead of Sutton Runners, who we were fighting against to avoid relegation. Unfortunately, despite finishing ahead of Sutton in 3 out of 4 races, they stayed up by virtue of an exceptional result in Match 3 (Oxshott), and we were relegated - once again! - to Division Four. All the individual and team results for the entire season are available on the Surrey league website.


Holland Sports Josh Knight, only 17 years old, led the Seniors Div 3/Div4 Race in Oxshott Woods from gun to tape with an outstanding performance of front running, winning in a time of 30m 42. Steve Bishop lacking fitness was next home in 37th in 34m 57, followed by Jeremy Carter 50th in 36m 08 and Andy Irons 67th in 37m 32. Sean McCabery on his X Country debut finished a fine 73rd in 37m59, followed by Josh's Dad Richard 80th in 38m 44, Peter Lewis 85th in 39m 16, Daniel Cundill 89th in 39m 28, John Bowers 101st in 40m 31 with final scorer Mick Hayes 105th in 40m 49. Pete Gibson was 108th in 41m 10, Philip Clarkson 111th in 41m 23, Peter Kirk 124th in 44m 04, Chris Wilson 125th in 44m 06, Jeffery Cromartie 127th in 44m 43, Sean Hearson 129th in 47m 34, Tony White 134th in 51m 58 and Pat Sullivan 135th in 52m 42. The team missing a few fast runners finished 8th out of 9 teams.

In the Juniors Race at Wimbledon Common where U13, U15 and U17 run together Holland Sports Tom Knight (U17) was first home in 26th in 12m 58, closely followed by Oscar Voller (U13 - 5th in that age group) 32nd in 13m 09, Louis Kenyon (U17) 46th in 13m 33, Oliver Timms (U17) 50TH in 13m 45, James Taylor (U13) 55th in 13m 58, Matt Domingues (U15) 72nd in 14m 57, Miles Brown (U13) 74th in 15m 02 and Dominic Bell (U13) 90th in 15m 58. The Under 13 Team finished a fine 4th and U15/U17 Team 6th.

In the Women's race at Reigate Priory Park Maggie Berry once again led the team home in 27th in Div 2 (112th overall in Div 1 and 2), Sylvie Green had a fine run in 74th (217) in 37m 19, followed by World Ironman competitor Val Place 95th (261st) in 38m 54, Sarah Hardman 102nd (270) in 37m 28, Jane McTaggart 113th (290) in 40m 54, Wendy Wilson 128th (314) in 41m 50, Doriena Koldenhof 146th (340), Catherine Clifton 151st (346) in 44m 36. The team finished 15th overall.


Holland Sports AC's male athletes performed exceptionally at the Surrey Cross Country Championships at Denbies, Dorking on Sunday winning 2 team medals.

In the U17's Holland won the team silver medal. Led home by Tom Knight in 22nd in 25m 26 despite losing a shoe in the last kilometre which hampered him because of the wet muddy condions. Followed by Keir McDonald who had a strong run in 25th in 25m 52, followed by a fine run by Louis Keynon 29th in 27m 43. Will McGinniss's effort in 36th in 38m 47 sealed the silver medal.

The U20's won the team bronze medal with Josh Knight leading the team home with a powerful run in 7th in 22m 45, followed by a below-par unfit James Rady in 17th in 28m 06, with Joe Domingues running very capably over distance in 18th in 28m 46.

In the U13's Holland fielded a very young team with 3 runners who had only recently turned 11. Holland packed well with Oscar Voller 37th in 12m 10, Dino Quirichi 39th in 12m 13, Miles Brown 42nd in 12m 22 and Alex Tagg 44th in 12m 25 and Dominic Bell 54th in 12m 52.

In the U15's Holland Sports were 1 short of a team. Hugo Hewitt finished 54th in 18m 34, closely followed by Matt Domingues 57th in 18m 37 and Luke Lawrence 65th in 19m 17.

Holland's only female representative at the Surrey championships, Maggie Berry (Vet 60), had an excellent run in the Senior Women finishing 61st in 40m 10.

SEAA Combined Events Championships

Results from the SEAA Combined Events Championships where Steph and Harry Fisher competed in the Pentathlon and Mark Andrews competed in the heptathlon.

Both Steph and Harry did very well overall considering that we haven't been able to do technical/speed training recently. Steph's 60mH and 800m were particularly impressive with a new club record and National Grade 4 in the 60mH despite hitting her knee on the first hurdle, she was also the fastest U17W 800m runner setting an indoor club record. She came 9th in the SEAA pentathlon with a new club record.

Harry got a PB in the high jump and comfortably won his heat of the 800m, he also ran a good PB in the 60mH running exactly the same time as Mark did! Harry finished in 7th position overall.

Mark did as well as can be expected with the lack of speed/technical training - rather incredibly he got exactly the same for 60m and 60mH as he did 2 weeks ago in Eton! He also managed to equal the indoor club record in the high jump despite scissoring for the majority of the clearances and set new club records in the 1000m and Heptathlon which he finished 11th in overall, scoring over 500pts in 5 of the events.

The detailed results were:

Steph Fisher(U17W):
60mH - 9.65s (779pts) - PB and Club Record
HJ - 1.42m (534)
SP - 6.44m (299)
LJ - 4.36m (393)
800m - 2:29.62 (698) - PB and Club Record
Pentathlon - 2,703 pts (9th) - PB & Club Record

Harry Fisher (U15B):
60mH - 10.02 (537) - PB
LJ - 4.39m (271)
SP - 5.62m (227)
HJ - 1.47m (367) - PB
800m - 2:22.80 (413)
Pentathlon - 1,815 pts (7th) - PB

Mark Andrews (SM):
60m - 7.98s (565)
LJ - 5.73m (529)
SP - 8.16m (376)
HJ - 1.80m (623) =SB
60mH - 10.02 (537)
PV - 2.00m (140)
1000m - 3:02.02 (645) - PB
Heptathlon - 3,419 pts (11th) - PB

Downs League

Click here for results of December's Downs League (Excel spreadsheet).

Holly Run, Priory Park
Holly Run - Holland boys team

There were some fantastic performances by Holland Sports athletes in the Holly Run in Reigate Priory Park on Sunday. On a tough muddy cross country course the Under 11 Boys team (pictured above) were just pipped to the Gold medal by the narrowest of margins. The winners had the same score as Holland Sports but their 3rd scorer was 11th and Holland's was 12th. Miles Brown led the team home in a stunning 2nd place in 6m 45. Archie Walters only 9 was an amazing 8th place in 7m 14, followed closely by Oscar Powney in 12th in 7m 24. They were ably backed up by Thomas Erskine 26th in 7m 55 and Nick Jones 34th in 8m 07 secs. Phoebe Musgrove had a good run in the U11 Girls finishing 43rd in the top half in 9m 44. Hugo Hewitt finished 20th in the U15 Boys in 22m 29. Other notable performances were Oscar Voller (running for Oxted School) winning the bronze medal in the U13's in 11m 38. In the Senior Men's 6 mile race Josh Knight was 6th overall but comfortably won the Under 20 in 36m 11 secs.


Maggie Berry continued her season of cross-country success with a fine run at the Southern Masters (run in conjuction with the national Inter-counties Championships) Championships at Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, winning the W60 age-group.

B&I_Masters_XC_Dublin_medal_presentation 14 November 2015

Maggie Berry had an excellent run in the British & Irish Masters XC International at a rain-soaked Santry Park, Dublin, on Saturday, winning the Bronze medal in the W60 category behind winner Carmel Parnell of Ireland and England team-mate Gail Duckworth, both new to the age-group. In addition, as second scorer for her team she helped the four-woman England team win the team Gold medal. The photo above shows Maggie and two of the other team members (Sue Weatherburn and Gail Duckworth) with their medals at the evening awards ceremony.


Click here for provisional men's results. The relevant pages are 5 and 6 (Division 3).
Click here for provisional ladies' results. The relevant pages are 11 and 13 (Division 2).
Results of Young Athletes 1st race at Wimbledon Common on 10th October are on the Surrey League website.

Maggie running in the Southern Cross Country Championships 1992

Above, Maggie in her heyday: running for Holland in the Southern Women's Cross-Country Championships in 1992, when as a 39-year-old mother of two she won numerous races. Her winning streak continued into the following year, when she also set her 10K PB of 35:20. Click photo to enlarge. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Hemming)

Congratulations to Maggie Berry on being selected to run for England in the British & Irish Masters Cross-Country International at Santry Park, Dublin on Saturday, 14 November. She will be running in the W60 category. It seems the selectors have taken into account her summer track and field performances, which saw her once again at or near the top of the 5000m and 10000m rankings; her road performances including a fast Paddock Wood Half Marathon; and of course her W60 national championship winning run in the British Masters Cross-Country championships at Ruthin, Clwyd, last March.


What a fantastic performance from Rebecca Coomber winning the women's prize in the East Grinstead 10K on Sunday 27 September in a PB of 38 mins 59 secs. Rebecca was only beaten by 5 men. Rebecca has had a fantastic year with her PB in the London Marathon with just over 3 hrs 4 mins. Rebecca was an outstanding junior athlete with Holland Sports winning honours at 200 and 800 metres. Rebecca at the age of 15 focused on other matters but came back into the sport in her late 30s and has shown she has not lost her talent.


Maggie Berry, currently one of the UK's leading W60 distance runners, recorded 21:51 for the 'Last Friday of the Month' 5K race in Hyde Park organised by Serpentine Runners. The following morning she recorded 22:15 in the hilly Brockwell Park parkrun.


Lucy Sumner's impressive 2 day performance deservedly won her the Gold in the Surrey U17 Heptathlon. This was despite injuring herself in the High Jump, bruising her back which meant she could not putt the shot effectively and meant she was 2andhalf; metres down on her PB. However she bounced back winning the 200 metres in a PB, then breaking her Club Record in the Long Jump and running a PB in the 800 metres with an impressive finish in the home straight overtaking a few runners. Finally her points total of 3,644 smashed the Club Record.

Lucy's performances: 80m Hurdles 12.98 secs, High Jump 1m 53, Shot 6m 57, 200 Metres 27.12, Long Jump 4m 89 (Club Record), Javelin 18m 55, 800 Metres 2m 45.65 secs. Steph Fisher was a very commendable 5th in the same heptathlon, with a big PB in the 800 Metres and an overall PB of 3,358 points. Her performances: 80m Hurdles 14.07 secs, High Jump 1m 41, Shot 6m 99, 200 Metres 27.23, Long Jump 4m 44, Javelin 14m 12, 800 Metres 2m 33.25 secs.

In the U15 Boy's Pentathlon Josh Watson picked up a marvellous Silver Medal, breaking the Club Record with 2,371 Points, breaking his own Club Record in the 80m Hurdles and all his performances were PB's. Josh's performances:

Long Jump 5m 36 (1st in this event and a huge PB), 80M Hurdles 11.53 (1st - Club Record), Shot 8 Metres, High Jump 1m 56 (1st), 800 Metres 2m 26.9secs.

Henry ("Harry") Fisher in his 1st year in the age group performed well to finish 8th with 1,663 Points. His performances:

Long Jump 4m 36, 80m Hurdles 14.41, Shot 5m 27, High Jump 1m 44, 800 Metres 2m 25.58

Mark Andrews in the Senior Men's Decathlon finished in 4th overall in a PB of 4,539 but felt there was a lot more to come as he was below par in a few events, despite a 40cm PB in the Pole Vault and a huge PB in the 1500 Metres. Mark's performances:

100 Metres 12.47, Long Jump 5m 78, Shot 8m 61, High Jump 1m 71, 400 Metres 59.13, 110 Metre Hurdles 18.69, Discus 30m 41, Pole Vault 2m 40, Javelin 36m 02, 1500 Metres 5m 10.43 Tom Rady in the colours of Southampton, his 1st claim club, won a well deserved Bronze Medal in a PB. For full results look at website.


80 Metre Hurdles Heat U15 (-0.6 Headwind)
4th Josh Watson 11.90


Click here for full results (Excel file).


Only a small representation from Holland Sports, but they all put on a performance.

U11 600 Metres
3rd Miles Brown 1m 59.25 BRONZE MEDAL
6th Archie Walters 2m 01.29secs (Only 9 years old)
U15 100 Metres
4th Maddy Nunan 13.79 Secs
U15 Long Jump
3rd Maddy Nunan 4m 64 BRONZE MEDAL (Only 1cm outside her PB - Maddy also jumped 4m 63 Twice)


Click here for full results (Excel file).


A great result with Club Records going in the Discus and 4 x 200 Metres.

Click here for full results (Excel file).


Neil Lincoln won the M40 Long Jump at the British Masters Championships in Birmingham at the weekend with a winning jump of 6.40m.

We're not sure how accurate it is but according to one ranking website this performance currently puts him up to number the WORLD!!


Click here for scorers' results.

Click here for non-scorers' results.


A great team effort to finish 2nd. A new Club Record by Surrey Schools Champion Josh Watson!

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Click here for results.


Holland Sports athletes acquitted themselves well in the Surrey Track and Field Championships at Kingston at the weekend.

The outstanding performance was Josh Watson's Silver Medal Winning Performance recording a New Club Record of 12.01 secs in the U15 80 Metre Hurdles. Coming off the last hurdle in the lead Josh was just pipped for Gold by two hundreds of a second. Josh also ran 25.84 secs for 4th in a heat of the 200 Metres.

Other medal winners were Stephanie Fisher with Bronze in the U17 Long Jump with 4m 68. Stephanie also broke the Club Record in the Hammer finishing 5th with 22m 94 and 5th in the 100 Metres heat in 13.04 secs and 6th in the 200 Metres Heat with 27.09 secs.

Ocean Schwartz won the U20 Javelin with 44m 86. Ocean made both the 100 Metres and 400 Metres Finals running Club Records in both events. In the 100 Metre Heats Ocean came 3rd in 11.17 then in the Final finished 6th in 11.14. In the heats of the 400 Metres Ocean came 2nd in 50.16 then finished 4th in the Final in 51.03 which unfortunately was shortly after the 100 Metres Final so Ocean did not have sufficient time to recover. Ocean had to miss his strongest event the High Jump because of a foot injury.

In the Senior Men Mark Andrews won 3 Medals - Gold in the High Jump with 1m 75 , Silver in the Triple Jump with 12m 37, and Bronze in the 400 Metre Hurdles with 63.24. Mark also came 6th in the Discus with 29m 99, 4th in the Javelin with 34m 59 and 4th in the 110 Metres Hurdles in 18.03 Secs.

In the U13 Javelin Luca Fairchild significantly improved his PB with 23m 60 for 6th.

In the U13 Long Jump Leila Treacher broke her PB with 3m 90 for 8th and ran 30.52 for 7th in the Heat of the 200 Metres.

In the U15 Girls Long Jump Maddy Nunan finished in 8th just shy of her PB with 4m 47. In the 200 Metre Heat Maddy finished 4th in 29.04 secs to qualify for the Semi Final. In the Semis Maddy ran a PB of 28.72 Secs to finish 7th.

In the U17 1500 Metres Tom Knight finished 7th in 4m 54.13, whilst brother Josh finished 10th in the U20 1500 Metres in 4m 26.96 secs.


Click here and here for results.


Click here for results.


The results from the Rosenheim League on 13th May at Battersea Park are:

Mark Andrews:
110mH - 18.16s (1st)
Triple Jump - 12.26m (1st)
Hammer - 23.18m (2nd) (Club Record)
Javelin - 34.63m (2nd)
100m - 12.74s (6th)
Pole Vault - 1.60m (4th)

Kevin Burnett:
Hammer (4kg) - 17.50m
Javelin - 11.52m

Overall league results after Match 1:
1 Belgrave H 57,
2 Hercules Wimbledon AC 44,
3 Serpentine R 40,
4 Croydon H 34,
5 Herne Hill H 33,
6 Holland Sports 26.


In the first YDL Lower Age Group fixture at Medway on Saturday Holland Sports athletes put up some outstanding performances. In the U13 Girls Leila Treacher broke the Club Record in the 75m with 10.5secs for 4th in the 75 metres, then ran a swift 22.6 for 3rd in the 150, and came 2nd in the B Shot Put with 5m 18. In the U15 Girls Hannah Williams ran 47.2 to break the 300 Metres Club Record by over a second for 5th, Long Jumped 4m 06 for 3rd in the B, and 14.9 for 6th in the 75m Hurdles.

In the Under 15 Long Jump Maddy Nunan destroyed her PB by 47 cms with her 4m 50 jump for 2nd. Maddy also finished 5th in the 100 metres in 13.9 only 0.2 of a second behind the winner. In the 200 Maddy ran 28.8 for 5th. Clare Chappell had a great day winning the Shot by almost a metre in a PB of 7m 13. Clare also improved her PB in the Javelin with 16m 62 for 3rd. Clare also ran in the 4 x 100m relay and in Non Scoring 75m ran 12.2 for 4th.

Luca Fairchild also performed impressively winning the U13 shot with a PB of 5m 47 and another PB came in the Javelin with 19m 72 for 2nd.

In the U15 80 Metre Hurdles Josh Watson broke his own Club Record with 12.5 secs for 2nd. Josh also ran well in the 200 metres with 25.9 for 4th and 41.4 for 2nd in the 300 metres and then ran a blistering leg in the 4 x 300 metres relay.

Henry ("Harry") Fisher had a good start to the season with 2m 22.8 for 5th in the U15 800, followed by 44.6 for 3rd in B300 and Long Jumped 4m 32 for 6th. Hugo Hewitt recorded a PB in the U15 1500 Metres with 5m 9.4 for 6th and a PB in the High Jump with 1m 35 for 3rd and threw the Javelin 12m 26 for 6th.

Kai Wagstaff came 3rd in the B80m hurdles with 16.4, Long Jumped 3m 58 for 5th in the B and came 5th in the B1500 in 6m 6.4

Hugo Fowler ran 14.5 for 6th in the A100, then ran PB's in the 200 in 28.3 for 4th in the B, and 2m 51.6 for 5th in the B800

In the U13's there were a number of debuts as follows: Connor Greer who came a creditable 2nd in the 75m hurdles in 15.7, 3rd in the B100 in 15.5 and 6th in the B200 in 34.5. Oscar Wagstaff came 2nd in the B 75m Hurdles in 17.0, and 4th in the B Shot with 4m 04. Oscar also ran a Non scoring 100 Metres in 17 secs for 5th. Mack Allgood ran well in the 1500 finishing 6th in 6m 8.4

Other U13 performances were Caspian Fowler 8th in 100 in 16.7, 7th in 200 in a PB of 33.5 and 5th in the B800 with a PB of 3m 2.5. George Collingwood ran 2m 42.4 for 5th in the A800 then leapt a big PB in the Long Jump with 3m 94 for 4th .and won a Non Scoring 100 Metres in 15.1.

Francesca Evans ran 13.8 for 5th in the U13 70m Hurdles and Long Jumped 3m 65 for 3rd. Francesca also ran a Non Scoring 75m in 12.2 for 3rd. Jess Knight came 3rd in both the B70m Hurdles with 16.3 and the B Long Jump with 3m 40. Jess also bravely ran the 800m in 3m 26.1 for 3rd in the B. Bella Knight ran 3m 19.4 for 7th in the A800 and High Jumped 1m 15 for 2nd equal in the B. Monique Brachet-Smith on her debut did well with 13.0 for 7th in both the B75, and the B150 in 26.0 and 4th equal in the A High Jump with 1m 15. In the 1200 metres Eloise Richards came 4th in 4m 31 whilst Madeline Budgen on her debut finished 3rd in the B with 5m 05.5.

In the U15 Girls Sofia Lammali came 7th in the A Shot with 5m 23 and 4th in the B300 with 53.8

Cerys Qureshi came 6th in the B100 in 15.5, 4th in the B200 with 31.6 and 3RD in the B Shot with a PB of 5m 11.

Finally on her debut Anna Sebire ran a Non Scoring U13 75 Metres in 12.9 secs.

Click here (scoring) and here (non-scoring).

Mark Andrews Helsinki

A couple of weeks ago Mark Andrews competed in an indoor international ultra-multi event competition in Helsinki (Finland). The event was a one-day Tetradecathlon (14 events) in which he came third overall. He got the British High Jump record but was not able to compete as well as he'd have liked as my current injuries caused him to get cramp quite badly early on in the 800m (4th event) and then he was not able to run the 1500m or 5000m and lost a lot of points early on in the first event (Weight Throw) where he had a good throw in practice and then two fouls and a poor throw in the competition. This meant that he lost out on 2nd place that he would have probably got if he was able to run the 1500m. Mark's overall score was 5016 points and the individual results were:

Weight Throw - 3.93m
60m - 7.81s
Long Jump - 5.79m
800m - 2:25.97
Shot - 8.18m
400m - 58.14s
High Jump - 1.75m
3000m - 13:27.24
60mH - 9.94s
Pole Vault - 1.70m
1500m - 7:45.70
200m - 26.15s
Triple Jump - 11.65m
5000m - 29:21.85


Holland Sports male athletes performed brilliantly at the Southern Athletics League fixture at Hastings on Saturday. Holland in 2nd place only lost out by 6 points to the hosts. Unfortunately Holland only had one female athlete, although it was star performer Over 60 Maggie Berry who finished in 5th overall.

There were a number of club records broken such as the 4x100m in 47.6s (0.5s faster than previous record) - well done to James Vancliffe, Ocean Schwartz, Neil Lincoln and Mark Andrews.

The 4 x 400 Relay Team of Josh Knight, Tom Knight, Ocean Schwartz and Mark Andrews equalled the old record of 3m 50.9. Mark Andrews in winning the 400m Hurdles in 61.3 broke the previous record by 1.6 seconds.

Other winners were Ocean Schwartz (U20) in the A High Jump and Mark Andrews (Senior) with 1m 80 in the B. Ocean in 400m in 51.3 and Javelin with 42m 12. Mark Andrews the 110m Hurdles in 18.7. Louis Kenyon (U17) in B 400 Metre Hurdles in 74.8 and B 2000M Steeplechase in 8m 29.5. Holland won A and B in Long and Triple Jumps. In the Long Neil Lincoln leapt 6m 09 and Mark Andrews 5m 52, whilst in the Triple Mark leapt 12m 54 and Neil 11m 43. Mark won the Discus with 29.49 metres.and B Javelin with 35m 79. Ocean Schwartz jumped 1.90m in the high jump.

Other results were a big PB for Josh Knight finishing in 3rd in 800 with a badly spiked leg in 2m 9.6. Josh also finished 3rd in the B400 in 60.8. Tom Knight (U17) destroyed his PB in the 1500 metres finishing 5th in 4m 45.1 as did Dan Oppe in the B with 4m 48.9 for 3rd.

Tom Knight was 3rd in the B 800 in 2m 22.3 and High Jumped 1m 50 as a Non Scorer.

There was a welcome return to the track for John Bowers who finished 4th in both the 5000 in 19m 43.4 and the 2000 Steeplechase in 8m 18.9.

Other results were Mark Andrews 5th in the 100 in 12.9 and James Vancliffe 4th in B in 13.0. Mark 5th in the 200 in 25.9 and James 5th in the B in 25.3. Mark was 3rd in Pole Vault with 1m 20. Mark was 2nd in Shot Putt with 8m 60 whilst Neil Lincoln was 2nd in the B with 6m 84. Neil was 2nd in the B Discus with 19m 02. In the Hammer Mark was 4th with 16m 57 while Neil was 4th in the B with 12m 91.

In the Non Scoring Louis Kenyon ran 63.7 in the 400, whilst Stivan ran 13.7 for the 100 metres and a PB of 27 secs for the 200.

In the Women's Holland Sports Nationally ranked Maggie Berry came 2nd in the 3000 with 12m 15.1 and 4th in the 1500 in 6m 01.8.

Click here for detailed results (Excel spreadsheet).


Click here for results of the Ebbisham league, and here for the non-scorers.


At the YDL Upper Age Group (Under 17 & 20) Track & Field League Meeting at Medway there were some fantastic performances by Holland Sports athletes. The following broke Club Records:

Ocean Schwartz (Under 20) with his wins in the 400 Metres in 51.1, high Jump 1m 90 and Javelin 45m 46 (which ranks him 18th in UK).
Fergus Donnelly (Under 17) with his win in the Shot by over 2 metres with 12m 26. Fergus won the B High Jump in the U20 with a PB of 1m 65
Josh Knight (U20) with his win in the 2000 metre steeplechase in 7m 4.6 secs
Stephanie Fisher Long Jumped a Huge PB in the Long Jump with 4m 75 for 2nd

Ocean ran an amazing 11.4 into the wind to win the 100 metres, and came 3rd in the 200 Metres in 24.3. Josh Knight ran a masterly 3000 metres to win in 9m 32.1. Josh also shot putted 6m 46 for 4th and threw the Javelin 18m 95 for 3rd in the B.

Fergus came 3rd in the 100 metre hurdles in 16.8

James Rady ran a big PB in the U20 800 Metres with 2m 12.8 for 3rd, ran 57.3 for B400, 65 secs for 400m Hurdles, Long Jumped a PB of 4m 71 for 5th in the A. and triple jumped 10m 50 for 2nd.

In his first competition Stivan Stoyanov did really well to finish 5th in the 100 metres in 13.3 secs and 6th in the 200 in 27.8 secs.

Tom Knight smashed his PB in the High Jump with 1m 55m for 3rd in the A. Tom also Long Jumped 4m 35 to win the B U20 and finished 5th in the 800 metres in 2m 17.9.

Louis Keynon finished 5th in the U17 400 in a PB of 62.5 and 4th in the B800 in 2m 28.9 and Long Jumped 4m 31 for 3rd.

In the 4 x 100m U17 Relay Louis Kenyon, Tom Knight, Fergus Donnelly and Stivan Stoyanov ran 53.1 for 4th.

In the Ladies Section Stephanie Fisher finished 3rd in both the U17 100m in 13.5, and 200m in 28.3.

Lucy Sumner ran a gutsy 200 metres to just finish 2nd in the B 200 in 28.3, Shot Putted 8m 35 for 4th and ran 13.3 for 3rd in the 80m hurdles (just 0.1 of a sec outside the club record.

Despite only having 2 ladies Holland Sports finished 5th out of 7 teams.