16th January 2022

The penultimate race of the Surrey Div 4 cross country league took place this Saturday on a cold misty muddy afternoon at the idyllic setting of Richmond Park.

After winning the first two races of the season we new that a good win at Richmond could seal the Divisional 4 champs with a race in hand, however with covid cases on the rise we just could not predict how many of the team would/could turn up on the day.

As team coach you always arrive at the start early then the anxious wait starts on who turns up and this Saturday the team did not disappoint! it was like a movie scene anxiously waiting for reinforcements to arrive before the final assault. That anxiety was quickly brushed aside when out of the mist of Richmond Park a total of 25 Holland & Oxted Team runners arrived at race HQ. The pre race atmosphere amongst the team was one that I have rarely experienced over decades of competitive camaraderie, we all just new & believed that this was going to be a special day.

And it was !

With so many team runners on the start line I don't have enough space to name them all so I will name only a few of our 25 heroes which for the A Team are our 3 amazing youngsters Harry, Josh & Jack who finished 1st, 2nd & 5th.

The A Team 10 counters scored an unimaginable total of 155 points (This is your 10 finish positions added up & the lowest score wins) which was not expected against such tough opposition and with 3 wins out of 3 and the final race at Lloyd Park on the 19th February a overall clean sweep is looking so very achievable.

The B Team were not just going to sit back and let the A Team take all the lime light and what aspired was something beyond any of our team expectations.

The B teams are calculated separately from all A team counters and Holland did the unthinkable with all 10 B Team runners finishing in the B counters top 12, simply put we had 1st to 8th & 10th & 12th.

With Aziouz leading us home in 1st place and followed closely by a deluge of blue vests which has yet to be confirmed, however we believe to be the best ever team result in Surrey 4Div history.

I also have to mention the post race delights of "Barbara's Brownies" If anyone out there wants to get into running come and join purely to experience Barbara's post race treats.

As always after each race report I put out a call to all our local joggers & runners to come and try us out at Holland AC Mill Lane Hurst Green every Tuesday night all year round at 7pm.

Please note our Ladies Team development will start on Wednesday 2nd February at 7pm with our new Ladies Captain the amazing Sara Anderson.