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Click here to view the club constitution, which sets out all its rules and regulations.

Data Protection

Data protection is of paramount importance to Holland Sports AC. The club seeks to comply with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (which enters into force on 25 May 2018) in accordance with guidance provided by England Athletics (EA), the national governing body for athletics in England (see England Athletics GDPR and Data Protection advice).

The most important way in which the club collects data on members is through the data submitted on membership application forms when they join the club. These membership data are collated by Holland Sports AC's membership secretary into an Excel spreadsheet which is held securely as an encrypted and password-protected file in the Microsoft cloud. This complete database is only accessible by the membership secretary and one other authorised club officer. The data on individual members contained in the file are updated as and when necessary, for example whenever the membership secretary is notified of changes to members' contact details or contact requirements. (Such changes may be notified to the senior coach or directly to the membership secretary via the club enquiry point).

Extracts from this Excel spreadsheet, relating to members' emergency contacts (comprising the members' names and the names and telephone numbers of their emergency contacts) and to members' notified medical conditions (comprising members's names, the medical conditions that have been notified for them, medical contacts, and the names and telephone numbers of members' emergency contacts), are made available in the form of two further encrypted and password-protected Excel spreadsheets to a restricted number of identified club officers and coaches on a need-to-know basis that is directly connected with the work they carry out for the club and which is aimed at ensuring that members can train and compete with the club in as safe an environment as possible. These club officers and coaches will not disclose any data in these files to third parties, nor will they retain the information for longer than is necessary for their dealings with the members concerned.

Data on former members are held for a maximum of three years after they have left the club before being destroyed.

All passwords are managed by the membership secretary and reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. The use by those club officers and coaches who are authorised to access membership data of these passwords and the data they provide access to is monitored by the membership secretary.

Contact details contained within the membership data are used by club officers and coaches to contact members about training, competitions and for certain other club-related matters, including circulation of the club newsletter. They are not used for any purpose unrelated to the legitimate athletic activities of the club, nor are they disclosed to third parties e.g. for marketing purposes.

We publish the results of the competitions in which club members take part on the club's website, Facebook page, Twitter, and in local newspapers. These results will often identify the name of the athletes involved, age-groups, and details of their performances. The club also publishes a list of club record holders on its website.

We register all first-claim members of Holland Sports AC who are aged 11 and over as competing members of England Athletics ("EA"), the national governing body for athletics in England. In doing so, we are required to provide EA with specified personal data which they will use to enable registered club members to access an online portal called myAthletics. EA will contact members to invite them to sign into and update their myAthletics portal (which, amongst other things, allows members to set and amend your privacy settings). Any questions about the continuing privacy of personal data when it is shared with EA should be directed to England Athletics.

Child Welfare and Child Protection

The club attaches great importance to ensuring that the children who take part in its activities have a safe and positive experience. The club's child welfare policies may be read by clicking on the links below. The name of the club's child protection officer is given on our club people page.