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Second-claim members
Second-claim members are those who are already members of another England Athletics (EA) or UK Athletics (UKA) affiliated athletic club and registered with those clubs as "first-claim" competing athletes for EA or UKA purposes.

How to apply for membership of the club

We welcome new members. If you wish to join the club, or would like your child or children to join the club, please first speak to one of our coaches at the track or email us. We will then arrange a brief induction which will normally take place before one of our regular Tuesday or Thursday training sessions.

NB: It is a condition of membership that club members should be prepared to compete for the club when requested to do so.

The club's membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March. There are concessions for those who join the club in the second half of the club year (from October to March), while those joining from 1 January to 31 March, pay the full annual subscription but receive the following 12 months (1 April-31 March) of membership free.

All data provided with the application form is processed in accordance with the club's data protection policy and privacy statement as set out on this website at club policies.